Dec 12

Multifuel Stoves Repair

Sometimes, stoves have problems such that they do not work efficiently. So, it becomes so important and urgent to repair it which can maximize energy efficiency and minimize air pollution.

Usually, you’ll meet these following problems about your multi fuel stoves. The most sign for failure in proper functioning is usually smoke being visible. If the chimney is smoking, then check on the following areas. The chimney could be blocked by something thus does not allow smoke to pass through. The cap of the chimney should be always closed to prevent water or debris entering the chimney which can cause smoking.

Another problem you should pay attention on is downdraught. This is puff of smoke that occurs intermittently from the stove. These can be solved by having the correct length of the chimney. Chimney fires are also another problem which can result from tar igniting in the chimney. This is why it advisable to clean the chimney once in a while to remove accumulated materials.

In addition, flue can also cause smoking of the wood burner stove. This indicates the flue has broken seals and need to be sealed. Materials such as fire cement can help to seal the leakages. And gaskets are common problem which can cause smoke coming out from the stove. Replacement of the parts can be done upon an advice of a qualified expert.

When you have inspected above problems, how do you repair it? You may do following conditions in your daily life.

Replace a corroded stove connector. When you’ve removed all fasteners, disassemble the connector.

Replace a catalytic combustor. Use a soft paintbrush or a vacuum to remove fly ash or soot. And burn off any creosote.

Replace a door gasket. Pry and scrape out the old gasket and clean it. Then embed the replacement glass-fiber door-gasket rope. Close and secure the door to allow the required curing time as directed on the label.

Dec 12

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Oct 12

Buying Wood Stove Becomes a Fashion Trend

Every few years, there emerges a piece of kit that is universally coveted by the homeowning classes. Someone ever made such a parable for the stove, “Without this chic object of desire, wood stoves, one’s home seems as barren as a yurt in the Gobi desert.” We can see that how popular a stove becomes now. And still now, a wood stove is also a fashion. Buying a wood burner also become a fashion trend.

There is a statistics reporting that, since the start of 2012, the sales of woodburning stoves have been steadily growing month by month and currently show no signs of any decline. What’s the reason behind the surge of stove sales? We can see from both the environmental and personal appoint.

One reason is that wood stove is green and groovy. However, the reason accountable for the biggest increase in sales is in effect to do with efficiency. Unlike a roaring open fire where the heat can escape up the chimney, a wood burning stove is efficient, green and gorgeous to look at. In addition, as gas and electricity prices continue to increase, as electricity is one of the basic requirements as all our functions and systems are dependent on it and because of scarcity of resources, it is getting difficult to meet our needs of electricity, therefore, more and more human beings are looking to other sources of heat and naturally, a multifuel stove or woodburner fits this niche perfectly. The average wood burner stoves costs significantly less to run a year.

From a personal view, so whether a person is looking to sell or just make their home a bit more trendy, installing a stove is one of the most popular options at present.

The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) which are a great association that have been going for over 30 years, recently had sweeps from all over the country attend. There are currently more than 450 sweeps officially registered with NACS and as the number of stoves increases, sweeps will be more in demand. Hopefully people realize the benefits and just how iconic a multi fuel burners can be when installed correctly; as long as it’s maintained it will operate far more efficiently than the average household heating system which in these tough financial times will prove extremely beneficial.

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Oct 12

7KW Contemporary Wood Burning Stove – Amesti N350

6-7KW Contemporary Wood Burning Stove - Amesti N350

This Amesti N350 7kw contemporary wood burning stove is perfect for medium sized rooms (Range 30 – 100 square metres). It is built in best quality and CE approved (HETAS approval in process).

This Stove is one of Amesti stoves. To know more about Amesti Stove.


  • Small log storage underneath.
  • Front loading, hinged door with security glass panel.
  • 3-stage air inflow and unique Amesti clean burn system.
  • Air injector for easy lighting, self cleaning glass.
  • Removable handle for safety.
  • Logs up to 30cm.
  • Country of origin: Chile
  • HETAS approval applied for in June 2012- awaiting certificate.
  • DEFRA tested for smokeless zone exemption in June 2012- passed test- awaiting certification.
  • CE certificate EN13240
  • Free shipping to UK mainland

Product in details, view here:

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Sep 12

Top Advantages of Wood Stoves

When asking you, what you think about the wood stoves, what will you answer? And the first words of most individuals out of their mouth are likely to include something about looking and feeling good. Right, we’re drawn by some its basic instinct to bring the warmth and comfort for us.

And, almost every one wants our homes to feel warm and inviting, and woodburning stoves is the one you should choose. Wood stoves offer more than eye-candy and feel-good factor. Moreover, modern wood burning stoves are able to accommodate a boiler, provide full cooking capabilities and be fully automated.

For the boiler stove, you may like this one which sell quite well last year:

Except for above advantages, there are other reasons that people choose wood burner in cold winter.

Wood that is seasoned correctly will give no smoke emissions out of the chimney, making it better for the environment. Hardwoods take longer to season up to three to four years. Ash can be burnt as soon as it is felled. Wood stoves are carbon neutral; it only gives off as much carbon as the wood has taken in while it has been growing. Furthermore, it can save you a lot on the bills.

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Sep 12

Wood Burning Stove, Multifuel Stove and Solid Fuel Stove

13kw wood burner stoves For a wood burning stove, multifuel stove and solid fuel stove, which one do you prefer?

A wood burning stove is designed to run exclusively on wood, or other solid biomass fuels. To get an efficient burn using logs, you can either buy seasoned logs from logs suppliers, or season them yourself for a period. Wood should be sheltered in an environment that has plenty of air flow, in order to help the wood dry effectively over time.

Today, wood stoves are a charming, heart warming addition to any home and offer a great variety of styles and looks to suit any home style, from house to apartment. In addition, wood stoves with generous glass doors allow you to watch the dancing flames in the winter. Not only that but they can save you much money on energy costs which makes them a very economical choice.

Woodburning stoves can be installed in any room of your house. Most often are placed in living rooms and dining room. While traditional stoves usually were regarded as a piece of decoration in a house. Freestanding stoves are generally used for heating. Except for freestanding stoves, there are inset stoves, double-sided stoves.

In a word, freestanding wood stoves can not only save you much money on energy costs, but also add another scenery in your home.

For the multifuel stoves, which can burn solid fuel like smokeless briquettes or coal, can burn wood fuel as well. But you cannot burn coal on a dedicated wood burning stove. Besides, wood burners do not require (although some have) a grate or firebars which allow for air to reach the fuel from the underside. Generally, multi fuel stoves models are usually dearer than wood burner stoves.

A solid fuel stove is designed to run on fuels such as anthracite. These appliances may burn woodfuels with a greater gross eficiency than solid mineral fuels.

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Sep 12

The History Of Wood Stoves

Wood burning stove has a long history. It originated in America with its first model being developed in 1642 in Massachusetts. Improvements on this model followed with Benjamin Franklin developing his own model ‘The Franklin Stove’ made of cast iron in 1744. It was more proficient than the traditional fireplaces as it emitted more heat with less smoke and had a ventilation shaft for air circulation. Smoke was an issue accompanied by loss of fuel due to the smoke. The problem was due to air coming from different directions and thus made it impossible to get good flames.Therefore, in the history, Franklin was called the first man of inventing stoves.

In 1796, Rumford made some adjustments to improve on the Franklin’s model and developed Rumford Fireplace. Even these, the stove efficiency problem is still unsolved. Then later in US, better designs were made to cater for more demand from customers. This modern design has bricks lined so as to conserve heat. The oil crisis of the 1970s created new interest in wood stoves, and new efficiency standards.

And regulations issued by the EPA in 1988 prompted innovative designs, with long burn times, and low pollution levels. In the design found these days, the designs are better and more efficient with flue such that they fulfill the conditions of the environmental protection.

Today, wood stoves have addressed the earlier limitations and are thus more effective and efficient than before. They retail more heat, are eco-friendly and are airtight. There are standards set concerning the stoves, for instance that they have to be ecologically friendly. Furthermore, the variety of wood burners are sold that can suit the choices of all people. They are also available in different capacities. They have thus become a favorite for many

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What To Consider When Choose A Stove

Aug 12

What To Consider When Choose A Stove

A great wood stove is like the perfect life partner in most housewives’ eyes incluing me, a single woman living with my parents. Wood burning stoves make you feel warm inside and out, while being romantic, reliable and low-maintenance. Furthermore, they’re environmentally friendly and economical which will save you much money on fuel.

Stoves have become such an integral part of my life. I even think that, I simply cannot live without it. Compared with electric and gas heating, wood stoves won’t make my bill skyrocket. And I aslo love how the wood burner prompts everyone to gather around the heat…it is as if it helps make a house a home. Do you agree with me?

No matter you want to heat your entire house or warm up a room, choosing the right wood stove becomes quite significant. When purchasing, compare how long the wood will burn, how many square inches of space the fireplace can heat and ash pans. Energy efficient shields, air scoops and doors may also be added. Here’s what you need to know before committing. You can consider while choosing according to stove’s fuel, style, size and output.

1. According to stove types, there’re wood burning stoves, multifuel stoves, solid fuel stoves, electric stoves, gas stoves, etc.

2. According to stove styles, there’re traditional stoves, modern or comteporary stoves, inset stoves and so on.

3. According to stove output, there’re 1-5kw small wood burning stoves, 6-9kw wood burners, 10kw plus multifuel stoves. As to what size to buy, my suggestion is a small stove (1-5kw) in a small house, a medium stove (6-9kw) in a medium and a large wood burning stove (10kw plus) to large house.

In the modern day, it is possible to use the wood burner for a variety of functions ranging from heating, hot water and heat storage. It is cheaper financially, and ecologically to combine a wood burner system with a solar thermal heating system.

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Nov 11

How to make stove burn warmer

Lots of homemakers are complaining about the inefficiency of their stoves. In fact, we can transform this question into another question, how do I make my wood burner burn cleaner and more efficiently.

There are numerous ways to make the stove burn warmer. Once you’ve accomplished improving those two factors, then the sensation of your wood burning stoves warmth will most likely improve. Before you begin to use, be sure you clean the ventilation mechanism of your stove. Give the stove itself a thorough cleaning. First, remove all the ash by shaking the ashes with the grate shaker. Next, allow for more air to enter through the air intakes. This can be done by adjusting the thermostat to a higher number, opening the ash door slides, opening the air intake knobs, or a combination of these methods. The last method is to apply more fuel, as you might not have enough fuel to maintain a hot fire.

Then, for more efficient burning of multi burning stoves, use good fuel. There are some processed wood chips which have been enhanced for less soot. If you burn wood you’ve chopped, or purchased, make sure you are not burning slab wood. As slab wood still has the bark on it. Moreover, much of the wood sold in chain stores is not high quality hard wood, such as oak, or hickory. I’ve seen sweet gum, poplar, and even cottonwood mixed in with boxes at these stores, which these wood will not only burn rapidly, but will yield great quantities of soot. Wood like pine has a pleasing odor, but woods that contain a lot of sap tend to leave sticky resins in your wood stove.

But, there is really no great way to make a conventional fire burn hotter, so if after following these two steps, your room heat is also not satisfactory, try feeling around the edges of your walls for drafts. Then caulk, or insulate.

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Chimney Draft Can’t Work Properly

Tips And Advice For Your Wood Stove

Nov 11

Chimney Draft Can’t Work Properly

Last week, my stove chimney draft can’t work properly. So I called the manufactures to have a check for me.

And the repairman told me, there are many factors that result in a wood stove not drafting properly. Stoves are normally installed “to code” which may mean they are safe, however the code does not mean it will perform properly.

Therefore, a properly sized chimney is essential to a stove’s performance. The old school of thinking said the bigger the chimney, the better the draft. As wood burning stoves burn more and more efficiently, there is less heat going up the chimney. As a result, there may not be enough heat in an oversized chimney for the stove to burn correctly.

As we all known that, smoke likes to travel straight up. Every elbow or offset creates a point of resistance that can cause trouble. Chimneys that run up the outside of a home tend to be very cold. It takes a lot more heat to create draft in an outside chimney than a chimney that is installed on the inside of the home.

At most time, a small wood burning stoves that is drafting poorly is the result of a careless or wrong installation. Bear in mind that, when you install inset stoves, ensure the flue is tightly connected to a liner that goes all the way to the top of the chimney. The chimney may also need cleaning, or maintenance over time ceramic liners will crack, and possibly partially block the flue, or allow other air into the chimney.

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